About Me!


My name is Elkie and I am single mom to a little girl that I adore. I am CEO of Savvy Moms Unite, LLC  a coaching business where I teach moms how to live a Practical, Simple, and Realistic life. I work primarily with single moms on balancing all their many talents and responsibilities. I am also an educator, author, and speaker.  I hold a Master’s  degree in Education and have worked in several educational settings and non-profits. I also worked as a Career Coach for many years. I first and foremost am always thinking about what is best for my child but at times have to make sacrifices in order to provide a better life for us. I created this site as an outlet for single moms who are struggling to balance all of their responsibilities and want to receive support while pursuing a life as a savvy mom. A savvy mom is one who can balance her budget, her health needs, self-care, children and pursue her life’s goals. I am firm believer that with faith and action you can achieve all that you set out to do. I know that with the right tools and access mothers can provide for their families in ways we have never imagined. I hope to empower women through this site and to provide an abundance of resources that can be used to help fulfill the needs of single moms regardless of race or socioeconomic background. I hope that your visit to my site inspires you to take the next steps in living a savvy life!

Interested in booking me as a Speaker please complete the form  below and we will be in touch within 24 hours. Thanks again for your time. I look forward to speaking at your next event. 




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